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Contact us if you are a commercial organic grower of fruit and vegetable and producing in Western Australia and have a soil health problem to resolve.
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About Us

About Us

Louise Edmonds, Intuit Earth

I became fascinated by soil, and in particular compost, when I came to understand that the soil is the origin of all wealth on the planet. Soil is the only renewable means of production so, noting that our mineral resources are rapidly depleting, I appreciate how critically important regenerating the soil is to the health of the planet and the continuation of human life and prosperity.

I have travelled the world and Australia to learn from leaders in soils, compost and soil microbial processes. I continue to travel, study and learn in this field. I have made compost in every context, at home, in community gardens, on farms and at waste facilities. I have taught hundreds of people how to make compost.

In 2007, I watched a documentary about a New Zealander named Peter Proctor who spent 20 years teaching the Biodynamic method of farming to Indian farmers. I was very fortunate to join Peter in India on a Biodynamic farming teaching tour, visiting many farms and farming cooperatives and participating in many training sessions. I saw some amazing farms in India.

I completed intensive training with Dr Elaine Ingham, a global expert in the realm of soils,  composting and the soil food web at Southern Cross University. Dr Ingham was profoundly influential to me.

In 2015, I completed a four-month training program in Holistic Management, which delivered another huge leap in my understanding of ecosystems processes and agro-ecological imperatives to grazing management and ecosystem service enhancement.

In 2017 I was very fortunate to spend 10 intensive days with Angela Luebke of Austria. Angela comes from an unbroken 100 year linage of applied research and practice in composting and humus soils management. This was yet another huge leap in my understanding of soil processes and composting. In this training I deepened my knowledge of the soil and compost qualitative assessment tool called Roundfilter-Paper-Chromatography as developed by Dr Ehrenfried Pfeiffer.

I currently manufacture and sell 3500 tonnes of certified organic compost from municipal waste for the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council, creating a closed loop local cycle that is putting nutrients from food and organic waste back into the earth.

Intuit Earth was launched in 2007. I have composted on farms and facilities in Dallwallinu, Brookton, Mandurah, Gingin and Dardanup, using a wide variety of processing equipment, systems and feedstocks. I strive to create a product that is processed with integrity to the composting cycle, is fit for purpose and delivers results.

Intuit Earth aims to support farmers to restore the carbon and water cycles on their farms, bring resilience into their systems on both an environmental and economic level, reduce farm debt and ultimately return farmers to a place of sovereignty from which they can make sound decisions to enable profitable, rewarding production in perpetuity.