Intuit Earth | Good news for compost
Good news on organic compost in WA. Intuit Earth is turning organic waste into a valuable resource for farmers throughout Western Australia's southwest.
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The good news about our compost is spreading.

Find out more about the work being done by Intuit Earth, helping farmers and communities across southwest Western Australia. 

25 March 2017
The Bunbury Harvey Regional Council is turning trash into treasure with help from Intuit Earth

Harvey Reporter 
14 March 2017 
Farm fresh ideas for region

Harvey Reporter
28 March 2017
Green bins to gardens

Bunbury Mail
29 March 2017
Organic certification for waste facility

Bunbury Herald
28 March 2017
Compost facility ready to expand

ABC Radio – Southwest
March 2017

The team at the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council organic waste facility talk about how they are turning local food waste into black gold for farmers.


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